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The battleground system is amazing. So glad it's a part of warcraft. The only issues I have with it stem from other players : )
Sei, on October 23, 2009 07:12:49 Reply
Battlegrounds are the reason I play this game. As a Warcraft player since 1995, I came to WoW eager for glorious battle! Totally looking forward to Cataclysm and rated BGs.
Firestorrm, on October 23, 2009 07:26:39 Reply
While my guild was taking their first steps into MC, I was turning in Nelf heads in Old School AV. Can't wait for rated BGs.
RuzGofDI, on October 23, 2009 08:20:58 Reply
Battlegrounds trump arenas imo any day, it's a shame that arena has thus far been more profitable to Blizz, and has thus received more attention.
Craglore, on October 23, 2009 01:37:37 Reply
I love the battleground system. Can't wait to see what the new rating system will be like in the expansion. I wish they would give a few more gear options other than left over arena gear.
Massdesign, on October 24, 2009 01:18:16 Reply
Im not very fond of BGs to be honest, I keep getting paired up with idiots who try to do everything by themselves one at a time, eg in wsg, one of ours goes into enemy base, ON HIS OWN, he gets killed by opponents who know to stick together, another enters the base solo, gets killed, rinse and repeat. we practicly have a line up/down the BG.
Because of 'tactics' like these I've won in total around 10 matches and Ive played around 100 of 'em.
If you can get your team to stop being stupid, a BG can be fun, otherwise it's just a timewaster.
Bart95, on November 12, 2009 08:38:31 Reply
Wonder if there'll be a BG Team Ladder and contest like with arenas........would make for great youtube vids :)
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009 03:55:57 Reply

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