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Wonder if there'll be a BG Team Ladder and contest like with arenas........would make for great youtube vids :)
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009
Battlegrounds :: Alterac Valley
Battlegrounds :: Arathi Basin

This is also a BG where one or two smart players can make a difference. Timing a ninja strike on a flag that isnt well defended can turn the match.
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009
Battlegrounds :: Warsong Gulch
Capital Cities :: Stormwind
Classes :: Druids :: Balance
Classes :: Mages :: Frost

Im hoping ill start playing my mage again, can't get into fire, and though arcane pwns....its BORING!!!...Frost ftw, hoping the changes will make it viable : /
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009
Dungeons :: Kalimdor :: Razorfen Downs
Pets - Minions :: Hunter Pets :: Boars
Playable Races :: Gnomes

Gnomes are there so that we know that this is supposed to be fun! When you start to associate the size of your Avatar with how tough it is....you completely miss the point, oh and come cata FINALLY gnome priests!..."Gnome Guild recruting..........."
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009
Realm Types :: Normal

If you could put hits out on players....i'd roll PvP....till then, well till Cata, the lore fits Normal servers more.
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009
Realm Types :: RP-PVP

teh D4 hurts the most >.< never play drunk!
Yobbogod, on December 16, 2009
Zones :: Eastern Kingdoms :: Redridge Mountains
Zones :: Eastern Kingdoms :: Tirisfal Glades
Zones :: Kalimdor :: Silithus