On the horizon...On the horizon...

The changes I am currently working on:

- Adding Items and Gear to comment and rate on!
Items will automatically be extracted from uploaded Gear Profiles, and a form to upload specific items will be available too
- Sorting options for the screenshots, profiles and Loot items sub-lists
- Adding icons to all the remaining icon-less topics
- Adding descriptions to more topics


How do I join?
How do I vote?
How do I add a comment?
How do I add a screenshot?
How do I add an Gear Profile?
How can I edit or delete a vote?
How can I edit or delete a comment?
How can I edit or delete a screenshot?
What is the Warcraft Ratings reputation for?
What are the Factions and how do i chose one?
What is the War Effort?


Why do we need a login?
Why do you need the email address?
How much will it cost me?

Topic DataTopic Data

I can't find some topics
Is this only about Blizzard World of Warcraft
I don't understand candy graphs
Why can't we find more information about the topics
How frequently is the topic list updated


Can I link to a specific topic directly?
I see alot of images with a weird pink background!
Why is this not a Blizzard website?
What is this website developed in?
Why can't i upload my own avatar?


I have lost my password, what can I do?
I have found a bug
How can I request a new feature
I really like this website, how can i contribute