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Here are a few to get you started:
  • achievement_boss_kiljaedan
  • spell_shadow_shadowwordpain
  • trade_tailoring
  • spell_holy_elunesgrace
  • ability_hunter_beastcall
  • ability_warrior_defensivestance
  • inv_misc_head_dragon_bronze
  • achievement_boss_shadeoferanikus
  • inv_misc_head_dragon_red
  • inv_sword_27
  • achievement_boss_nefarion
  • achievement_character_nightelf_male
  • inv_misc_ticket_tarot_bluedragon_01
  • spell_frost_summonwaterelemental
  • ability_hunter_pet_worm
  • achievement_zone_wetlands_01
  • achievement_zone_feralas
  • achievement_boss_cthun
  • ability_hunter_pet_spider
  • ability_hunter_pet_wasp
  • spell_fire_elemental_totem
  • spell_arcane_teleportstormwind
  • ability_druid_maul
  • inv_poison_mindnumbing
  • ability_warrior_innerrage
  • spell_holy_sealofsacrifice
  • ability_racial_bearform
  • spell_shadow_curseoftounges
  • inv_misc_head_dragon_red
Background Attune

Guild and Attunement Helpers

Through the Guilds and Attunement pages you will find a number of tools to help organise your guild through lengthy WoW attunements.

A clean, clear, crisp representation of where every member is, what they are after, and how to get everyone across.

Background Puggle

Home of the Puggle addon

Puggle is there to help you find a group, by showing you all the group requests spammed into any of your active channels.

The requests appear in a clean, organised, filterable list sorted by dungeon.

The addon also lets you rate any player you have grouped with, and allows you to upload those ratings on our Puggle Upload page

Background Tradies

Home of the Tradies and Geared addons

Tradies is there to collect what recipes/patterns/enchants/etc you have learned and allow you to upload that information to the Warcraft Ratings website
The Website then allows you to find who on your realm can create that rare item you're after!

Geared allows you to do the same thing with your gear. Show/share your various sets!

Upload your addon data on our Tradies or Geared Upload page


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