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Four years have passed since the aftermath of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and a great tension now smolders throughout the ravaged world of Azeroth. As the battle-worn races begin to rebuild their shattered kingdoms, new threats, both ancient and ominous, arise to plague the world once again. Alliance box

World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe. Players assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world. World of Warcraft is a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" which allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together or fighting against each other in epic battles, players will form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power and glory.

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From the moment I started my first quest with my old friend Wintahawk until the day we first set foot in ZG, AQ and MC I was bombarded with funny occurences, nice people and awesome gaming. Many, many good memories from these days.
Gruull, on October 10, 2009 12:19:51 Reply
Some of it feels outdated and perhaps tedious by today's standards, but the detail and scope of the world they created was so massive and so deep. It made an impression on me like no other game before it.
Rafen, on October 13, 2009 04:26:55 Reply
I always liked the original content I guess because it's where I started playing. I still find quests I never finished tucked away in obscure locations. It's hard to reinvent boss fights and some of the most interesting fights are in the old end game instances. I will never grow tired of running into ZG or MC or BWL and doing those fights.
Gimmlette, on October 23, 2009 06:48:30 Reply
Most fun I have ever had with this game. Even as a noob running around on my hunter there was always that thrill of discovery and accomplishment. Wish I could relive those days, but now as a raider I have to know everything before it even comes out and that definitely spoils things.
Utherjr, on October 23, 2009 07:50:02 Reply
i was one of those addicts long before bg's, arena, honor, and raiding in general. long before there was jewelcrafting, flying mounts, death knights, or draenei. when the alliance backed pally's and only horde rocked shammy's.

the core game itself deserves an artifact rating because, long before the awesomeness we take for granted in the game now, it stood on its own, rocked our imaginations, and sucked us in.
Gunstrak, on October 23, 2009 08:52:11 Reply
Anyone that's talking negative will end up missing it when Cataclysm comes out :P The changes are going to be HUGE!
And I definitely agree with Gunstrak. I Artifacted it immediately because Vanilla WoW was the original and before BC and WotLK is was already an amazing game and it did its job well... Here's to the future of Blizzard's Cash Cow :)
Docjrobert, on October 23, 2009 10:58:57 Reply
original and the best by far
Darkmatt, on October 30, 2009 12:43:55 Reply

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