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Battlegrounds :: Alterac Valley

so epic i can not describe the epicness i had when i finaly, for the first time in my life, twinked out at level 60...i even re-did that one last time before the level 59 AV changes, leveling from 51-61 in this battleground is the most epic bg experience the world has ever known...if only we could rewind time and redo this amazing place....

also losing is a bitch, and happens hell of a lot, so im goig to go ahead and say that, this place is either truly amazing, or the worst place in the game, depending on who you are of course

Mistical, on October 23, 2009

the reason i like this place, is because if your not level 80, in your epic pve raid gear of killing stuff, your probably back in the 50's and 60's and 70's bracket, where the only way to kill Van or Drek, is to have all 40 of your players on that guy at once and down him asap, since, where are you going to find a tank in the 51-59's AV? A Deathknight? good luck, they last a while but, if a single bunker is up, your toast
Mistical, on December 2, 2009
Battlegrounds :: Warsong Gulch

ever since the new restrictions, this battleground kept all its awsome, and a 25 miniute limit was introduced, that limited its fun to just about that much time
Mistical, on October 23, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Blackwing Lair :: Nefarian
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core

The Core hounds should be listed here, why are they not listed?
Mistical, on October 23, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Ragnaros

Yea, a warrior and hunter duo of friends builds a group just to get this guys Eye, every week for almost a year, its amazing...anyhow, this fight is more then just epic, its classic.....
doing this with 40 people is how it went, who would be stupid enough to go with less? this guy is gigantic.....and "BY FIRE BE PURGED!" is still one of my favorite lines in this game

Mistical, on October 24, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Onyxia's Lair :: Onyxia

Go 40-man, or dont go at all!
Mistical, on October 23, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Onyxia's Lair :: Onyxia Solo

Go 40-man, or don't go at all!

of course, you cant do that any more so...at least bring a few people with you, its not as fun by yourself

Mistical, on December 8, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Azuregos
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Doom Lord Kazzak
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Emeriss
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Hogger

Im more of a Son of Arugal Fan, being horde, being killed by that thing really made me want to go kill Arugal even more. Hogger, however.......he is just sorta cool you know?
Mistical, on December 8, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Lethon
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Taerar

One of the more "dull" dragons
Mistical, on December 8, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Ysondre
Boss Encounters :: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj :: Ossirian the Unscarred

Epic fight, back in the day....not too great tho
Mistical, on December 8, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Temple of Ahn'Qiraj :: Twin Emperors

I'm lucky i have Killed C'Thun, i dont need to go back ever agian.

And i still go back thanks to these two guys, fun to see groups fail at them, seperates the fail from the epic

Mistical, on December 8, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Zul'Gurub :: Bloodlord Mandokir

3 more people dead

Mistical, on October 23, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Zul'Gurub :: High Priest Venoxis
Capital Cities

You know what they really need? Instances in Cities, o wait thats been done...how about

Gnomeragon, the one capital city garenteed to have at least 50 minigames and a billion fun things to do, gone......someone nuked it, and who wouldnt want to live in a city that was nuked by the king for some funny reason, like invasion, or a bad head ache

Mistical, on October 23, 2009
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