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Added on Tortus' request, Thanks!
If you notice more missing topics, please don't hesitate to send me an email :-)
Webmaster, on October 24, 2009 03:57:57 Reply
*Moar hugging*

Mannoroth was a pit lord whose ruthlessness and vile cunning made him into one of the favoured lieutenants of his masters, Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, the champions of the Burning Legion. Known as "the Destructor" and "the Flayer", Mannoroth was the barbaric leader of the pit lords when the dark titan Sargeras subjugated them and bent them to his will. When Archimonde was placed in command of the pit lords, he recognized Mannoroth’s value as a brutal, bloodthirsty fighter and made the pit lord his second-in-command. Mannoroth helped lead the Burning Legion in assaults on countless worlds, and led the first invasion of Azeroth.

After Thrall reclaimed Hellscream, Mannoroth lured them into the craters formed by the falling infernals, where he hoped to kill Thrall and re-enslave Hellscream. Thrall confronted the demon lord in battle pouring all his strength and hatred for the demon into one powerful blast with the Doomhammer. Mannoroth applauded the effort and revealed that it had caused only a slight scarring of his wing. He then tossed the young war chief against a cliffside with a powerful charge, knocking him out cold and leaving only Hellscream. Mannoroth reminded Grom that he owned his body and soul and gloated that the blood curse could never be broken.

Hellscream then faced the choice between giving into the demon corruption once more or resisting and saving Thrall, and indeed his entire race. Refusing to accept that the orcs were cursed forever, he chose his kin. In a heroic last stand Grom slipped past Mannoroth's defenses and sliced open his chest.

Mannoroth was thus slain by his greatest creation and most favored pupil, Grom Hellscream - a fitting irony, some might say. The demonic fires erupted outward, destroying the astonished Mannoroth and mortally wounding Hellscream.

With the death of Mannoroth the blood curse on the orcs was finally lifted. After his defeat, Mannoroth's remains and armor were spirited to Orgrimmar and were attached to a large, irregularly shaped tree (possibly shaped or newly grown by tauren druids to accommodate the trophies). However the large double blade used by the mighty pit lord remains in Ashenvale, locked in time to show where the bloodpact was ended. The remains have become a memorial to warn against consorting with demons and celebrating the feat of Grommash Hellscream in finally lifting the blood curse.
Tortus, on October 24, 2009 08:57:17 (edited once) Reply

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