Lower+Blackrock+SpireLower Blackrock Spire

  Path: Dungeons :: Eastern Kingdoms :: Lower Blackrock Spire
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This place was really under-appreciated. It took a long time, and had a lot of variety. The spider room, the wolf room, the ogre gauntlet, the underground cultist town. It was also great fun to form rogue/druid teams to go farm the bosses for T0 stuff.
Rafen, on October 7, 2009 06:21:43 Reply
The majority of Rend's Dark Horde reside in Lower Blackrock Spire, making the city a sort of sprawling barracks. Only the elite members of the Dark Horde are allowed to live in the upper reaches of the city. Overlord Wyrmthalak acts as the ruler and taskmaster of these soldiers.

The orcs of the Blackrock Clan dominate most of the ruins of Lower Blackrock Spire, though they are divided up into various legions. These include the Scarshield Legion, the Bloodaxe Legion, and the Firebrand Legion. The elite Blackhand Legion resides in Upper Blackrock Spire. The orcs share the city with a contingent of Spirestone ogres and Smolderthorn trolls, who are also members of Rend's Dark Horde. The ruins are also home to a host of Spire Spiders who have infested a ruined corner of the city.
Tortus, on October 24, 2009 09:38:03 Reply

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