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The Burning Crusade - Raid



The Burning Crusade

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Gear Profiles:

Level 70 Tauren Druid   47/0/14
Health: 8614
Mana: 8345

Strength: 99
Agility: 83
Stamina: 477
Intellect: 417
Spirit: 221
Armor: 1953

Caster DPS
Spell crit: 14.36%
Spell hit: 0%
Arcane spell power: 809
Fire spell power: 809
Nature spell power: 809
Frost spell power: 809
Shadow spell power: 809
2021-08-03 18:27:23


Alchemist's Stone
Earthstorm Diamond
Skyfire Diamond
Primal Might
Mercurial Stone
Primal Air
Primal Fire
Arcanite Bar
Philosopher's Stone
Flask of Blinding Light
Flask of Fortification
Flask of Pure Death
Mad Alchemist's Potion
Major Frost Protection Potion
Elixir of Major Shadow Power
Major Dreamless Sleep Potion
Elixir of Major Defense
Super Mana Potion
Fel Strength Elixir
Elixir of Major Agility
Super Healing Potion
Elixir of Draenic Wisdom
Elixir of Major Frost Power
Earthen Elixir
Elixir of Mastery
Sneaking Potion
Unstable Mana Potion
Elixir of Camouflage
Elixir of Healing Power
Elixir of Major Fortitude
Elixir of Major Strength
Adept's Elixir
Onslaught Elixir
Volatile Healing Potion
Greater Arcane Elixir
Purification Potion
Elixir of Brute Force
Major Healing Potion
Potion of Curing
Elixir of the Sages
Mighty Rage Potion
Superior Mana Potion
Elixir of Detect Demon
Limited Invulnerability Potion
Stonescale Oil
Elixir of Greater Agility
Arcane Elixir
Elixir of Greater Intellect
Invisibility Potion
Elixir of Detect Undead
Dreamless Sleep Potion
Elixir of Greater Water Breathing
Superior Healing Potion
Wildvine Potion
Greater Mana Potion
Oil of Immolation
Catseye Elixir
Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility
Elixir of Greater Defense
Nature Protection Potion
Elixir of Agility
Elixir of Fortitude
Shadow Oil
Lesser Invisibility Potion
Mana Potion
Greater Healing Potion
Free Action Potion
Elixir of Firepower
Elixir of Defense
Fire Oil
Strong Troll's Blood Potion
Lesser Mana Potion
Healing Potion
Elixir of Wisdom
Swim Speed Potion
Elixir of Giant Growth
Elixir of Water Breathing
Blackmouth Oil
Minor Mana Potion
Minor Rejuvenation Potion
Rage Potion
Lesser Healing Potion
Elixir of Minor Fortitude
Weak Troll's Blood Potion
Elixir of Lion's Strength
Elixir of Minor Defense
Minor Healing Potion