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Battlegrounds :: Arathi Basin

Greatest BG of all time. Trying to cap BS? Not when this is around!
CrazyPally, on October 25, 2009
Battlegrounds :: Warsong Gulch

I wasn't exactly very fond of this BG in the past, however the time limit has taken care of WSG's largest problem: Idiots that get the Horde flag then don't capture it so they farm HKs. Since this still happens (although it isn't as bad) I give it a 4/5.

CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Baron Geddon
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Gehennas
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Golemag the Incinerator
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Lucifron
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Magmadar
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Majordomo Executus
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Ragnaros
Boss Encounters :: Molten Core :: Shazzrah
Boss Encounters :: Outdoor Bosses :: Hogger

Algalon feeds on your tears, Hogger feeds on Algalon's tears.
CrazyPally, on October 25, 2009
Characters :: Burning Legion :: Sargeras

5/5 for being the ultimate evil in Warcraft.
CrazyPally, on October 25, 2009
Characters :: Deities and Eternals :: Elune
Characters :: Elves :: Fandral Staghelm

Not quite as bad as garrosh hellscream but the slight difference in my levels of hate for them can't be described on a five point system. So I give Fandral a full green bottle. I give Garrosh a half-full green bottle
CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Characters :: Humans :: Jaina Proudmoore

^What he said
CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Characters :: Humans :: Rhonin

I enjoyed Day of the Dragon (Would hold up flame shield if I wasn't wielding a two-handed sword). Besides as Slavaa mentioned, he commanded an army of raptors. that's awesome no matter what.
Edit: I forgot I had flame resistance aura.... /facepalm

CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Characters :: Humans :: Uther the Lightbringer

"What, did you come to piss on them one last time before you left his kingdom to rot!?" is the best quote ever. Besides he also wrote The Light and How To Swing It which helped me improve my ability to beat the living hell out of stuff in the name of the light
CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Characters :: Humans :: Varian Wrynn

CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Characters :: Orcs and Half-Orcs :: Garrosh Hellscream

I'm sure both my fellow alliance as well as the horde will agree that we need to go back in time (via caverns of time) and off this guy. I know, I know we shouldn't mess with time like that but hey my name's CrazyPally :p
CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
Characters :: Orcs and Half-Orcs :: Thrall

I fear I can't give my much coveted perfect rating to Thrall, I loved him in Warcraft 3 but he hasn't been the best leader in WoW. But hey, what can I say I'm Alliance and I love this guy!
Anyways, with that said I am... The Warchief

CrazyPally, on October 24, 2009
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