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Capital Cities :: Darnassus
Capital Cities :: Orgrimmar

Orgrimmar is a trade central city, however though it is a large and very confusing city.
Success, on September 30, 2009
Classes :: Mages
Classes :: Mages :: Arcane

I find Arcane to not be mana effiecent and not as much fun to me.
Success, on September 30, 2009
Classes :: Mages :: Fire
Classes :: Mages :: Frost

Frost is an AMAZING spec!

- AoE
- High Crowd Control
- Water Elemental

- DPS not as high as the other three specs, Arcane, Fire, or frostfire.
- Not a viable raid spec.

Many mages would love to see frost made as a raiding spec.

Success, on September 30, 2009
Playable Races :: Tauren

Taurens are fun. Though their starting area is horrible. But, Taurens are amazing at their roles and are an interested addition to races in World of Warcraft. Their city is really roomy, and airy, and they give a comfortable feeling.

However standard tauren jokes:

Hmm...I feel like steak!
I like to tip cows.

Success, on September 28, 2009