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The fight wasn't great, but was a fun way to cap off months of waiting on RNG
Vauric, on October 23, 2009 10:05:47 Reply
Thunderaan was a prince of the air elementals. During the Elemental Sundering, the Firelord Ragnaros sought to consume Thunderaan. Thunderaan was betrayed by Ragnaros's lieutenants, Baron Geddon and Garr, and struck down by Sulfuras, the legendary hammer of Ragnaros. Thunderaan fell, utterly defeated. The Firelord feasted upon the essence of the Prince of Air, but was unable to consume him entirely.

What little remained of Thunderaan's essence was stored within a talisman of elemental binding. Ragnaros then shattered the talisman in two flawless pieces and assigned it to his two lieutenants.

Thunderaan wields Thunderfury, a legendary sword. Players can obtain this item through a long and very expensive quest chain, starting from a pair of rare drops in Molten Core.
Tortus, on October 24, 2009 08:02:16 Reply

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