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This is another place that always gave me the creeps.Again,not so bad once you out-level everything there. I have spent hours here farming for the Crimson Whelpling and then a few more while waiting for the Razormaw Matriach to spawn.
Thyme, on October 23, 2009 11:09:44 Reply
I really like the way Wetlands is broken up, and makes for an interesting quest hub. However I never really liked the design of constantly having to run west to complete quest and found the zone sort of tedious.

Design wise though it was interesting with a enough variety to keep me interested.
Crazystan, on October 23, 2009 05:58:05 Reply
The Wetlands have been the site of many a battle through the times. Nestled among the Khaz Mountains and open to the ocean as it is, it is a prime location for invading forces. It was historically part of the original dwarven kingdom while the three tribes were united, but after the War of the Three Hammers, it fell under control of the Wildhammer Clan. The Dark Irons invaded Grim Batol and almost succeeded in taking full control of it, but were driven back at the last minute. During the Second War, the bastion finally fell prey to the invading orcs, most notably by those of the Dragonmaw Clan.

Although the orcs took possession of Grim Batol for a time, they were subject to the wrath of the red dragonflight who, free of their enslavement from the orcs, destroyed their bases and burned their catapults, killing orcs en masse. The orcs who survived the onslaught fled south to the mountains, where they live to this day. Horde and Scourge forces devastated the Wetlands in the Second and Third Wars, forcing the Ironforge dwarves to retreat to Loch Modan and Dun Morogh.

Grim Batol is now under the control of the red dragonflight, who fiercely defend their lair from outsiders. Alliance forces have since established Menethil Harbor, but the area is still wild and untamed.LoC 80 The dwarves and allied humans built the port city on an island in the Baradin Bay, which they named after King Terenas Menethil II - Menethil Harbor. The Wetlands is a buffer zone between inhabited Khaz Modan and Scourge-infested Lordaeron.
Tortus, on October 24, 2009 10:22:17 Reply

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