Redridge+MountainsRedridge Mountains

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I'm not a huge fan of the zone but there are a few quests that caught my eye.My favorite has to be finding Hillary's necklace, not for the quest but for the short story of it and of course Effsee the cat.
Every once in a while I head there to kill a few of the thresher's hanging out in the lake that, oddly enough, looks like one.
Thyme, on October 23, 2009 11:15:20 Reply
The Redridge Mountains are old mountains. Before the First War, Lakeshire was not the besieged place it is now, nestled in a nook in the rugged peaks at the bank of the lake as it is. It was protected from gnolls and bandits by Azerothian militia who were stationed at Stonewatch, as well as the benevolent mage Ilgalar.

With the coming of the orcs, however, things changed rapidly. Many of Redridge's finest men were sent to battle the coming of the Horde and never returned. Stonewatch became vulnerable with its main forces on the front, and when it caught the attention of the Blackrock clan, it was not long before a siege was underway. Although the soldiers of Redridge battled as well as they could, in the end, they could not resist capture. Both the tower and the keep was taken, and soon after, Ilgalar the mage was attacked by a rival mage.[citation needed] Ilgalar was more powerful than the evil Morganth[citation needed], but Morganth had enslaved a tribe of gnolls to do his bidding, and Ilgalar could not defeat them all. Once Ilgalar was dead, Morganth took possession of his tower, and set his sights west, to the next rivaling wizard at the Tower of Azora in Elwynn.

The region around Lakeshire is now heavily contested, and the bridge connecting the town to the rest of the kingdom was recently attacked and almost destroyed. Desperate, the people of Redridge seek help from outside sources, recruiting any adventurer that stops by to help in the defense of the region.
Tortus, on October 24, 2009 10:23:11 Reply

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