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  Path: Zones :: Eastern Kingdoms :: Dun Morogh
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Happy memories of being a n00b on my beloved dwarf.
Ianwelby, on October 23, 2009 09:27:33 Reply
Homeland of the Ironforge dwarves and ruled by mighty Clan Bronzebeard, Dun Morogh is the center of dwarven culture and ingenuity. The capital city of the dwarven realm, Ironforge, lies within Ironforge Mountain in Dun Morogh’s heart. Dwarves and their allies range out from Ironforge, trying to hold a diminishing protectorate against encroaching enemies on all sides. Dun Morogh is a high altitude region, covered with constant snowfall and great pine trees. Winds howl through the peaks in symphony with the wolves that prowl the forests. Southwest of Ironforge is Coldridge Valley, which hosts the dwarven smithing enclave of Anvilmar. Northwest of Ironforge’s massive stone battlements is the ancient city of Gnomeregan. This ruined city was once home to the Ironforge gnomes, but vile Caverndeep troggs devastated the populace and drove the survivors to the capital. Gnomeregan is now a wild place of adventure and mystery. To Ironforge’s west is Frostmane Hold, home of the aggressive Frostmane ice trolls. Crime is almost nonexistent in dwarven lands, as dwarves know that they must stick together against their myriad enemies. Murder and treason are capital offenses, while lesser crimes result in exile or prison.
Tortus, on October 24, 2009 10:14:20 Reply
I fondly remember questing here, mostly because I haven't done it to death (dwarfs and gnomes aren't my favourites). The quests weren't that interesting, but it's definitely a beautiful zone (here's a screenshot). I hope Blizzard does something interesting here in Cataclysm without changing the looks.
Malfural, on October 28, 2009 01:42:18 (edited 3 times) Reply

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