Path: Boss Encounters :: Temple of Ahn'Qiraj :: C'Thun
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"Your heart will explode"
Meteor, on October 23, 2009 09:00:58 Reply
Watching level 80's try to all run in at once without LoSing the eye beams so that they take over 300K damage each? Good times.

And once you get past that, still a great fight.
Khelest, on October 25, 2009 03:11:05 Reply
This is the best fight Blizzard ever designed. I'd like to see them revamp it. It was terribly difficult, but one of the greatest moments if you managed to beat it. My only complaint is that it was released impossible and had to be patched months later to make it doable.
TheBigBB, on October 30, 2009 07:12:32 (edited once) Reply
"Ok guys, we're gonna be an internet meme, this was the only place with a good cinematic door I could think of off-hand, so lets go, everyone remember the script?"

<32.33 repeating of course... devout shoulders... blah blah blah>

"Alright, time's up, let's do this, LEEEROOOOO-"

*Eye beam hits raid for over 9000*

"I'm gonna go find another door, you guys sit tight."
Slavaa, on November 7, 2009 10:52:36 Reply
Coolest raid boss ever made imo, going inside him to kill the things to weaken him, having tentacles spawn outside, just the whole feel of the fight is awesome.
Kitína, on December 16, 2009 02:13:45 Reply

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